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Unburden Your Mind, Embrace Emotional Health.

Discover emotional freedom with Brighter Horizons. Our licensed therapists in Broken Arrow are here to help you navigate life’s challenges and overcome difficulties. Begin your journey towards emotional health today.

Personalized Therapy

Licensed Professionals

Empirical Methods

Journey to Wellness

Empowering Trauma Recovery: From Immediate Support to Lasting Resilience.

At Brighter Horizons, we provide a holistic approach to trauma therapy, merging rapid intervention with evidence-based techniques. Our goal is to create a safe haven for processing pain while equipping individuals with resilience tools for the future.

Immediate Support

Rapid intervention post-trauma, offering an immediate lifeline during emotional distress.

Resilience Building

Navigating youth challenges: specialized therapy for children & teens to foster growth.

Personalized Care

Tailored therapeutic care, addressing individual trauma experiences for a healing-centered approach

Safe Environment

A confidential haven to openly process trauma, fostering trust and the first steps to healing.

Evidence-Based Approaches

Embrace scientifically-backed techniques, ensuring effective trauma recovery and long-term wellbeing.

About Us

At Brighter Horizons therapy in Broken Arrow, we are your trauma and abuse specialists, dedicated to guiding individuals and families towards trauma resolution using advanced methods like EMDR therapy. With over 23 years of expertise in forensic interviewing and trauma-focused therapies, our mission is to harness your inner strength for healing. Begin your journey to a brighter future with us and embrace the dignity and potential within you.

Our Focus

ADHD Support Thereapy

With us, you’ll harness the potential within ADHD. We craft strategies to enhance focus and understanding.

Anxiety Management Therapy

We have the tools to alleviate your anxiety. Start a journey with us towards mental tranquility and lasting calm.

Depression Recovery Therapy

Let’s illuminate the shadows of depression together. We aim to reignite your joy, purpose, and zest for life.

Relationship Counseling

Mend relationship bridges with us. From conflicts to understanding, find harmony and rebuild stronger connections.

Stress Reduction Therapy

Reclaim your peace from stress. Master techniques to handle life’s pressures and rediscover tranquility.

Trauma Healing Therapy

We guide you through the depths of trauma and PTSD. Together, we’ll help you rediscover peace and reshape your life’s narrative.

Resilience Building Therapy

Life’s challenges met with resilience. Gain robust coping strategies and confidently face every hurdle.

Childhood Trauma Therapy

Heal the child within. Address lingering childhood matters understand their impact, and foster growth.

Parenting Guidance Counseling

Parent with confidence and love. Strengthen family ties, create nurturing environments, and foster mutual understanding.

Self Esteem Boosting Therapy

Reignite your self-worth. Celebrate your uniqueness, rediscover your strengths, and embrace your full potential.

Why Choose Us

At Brighter Horizons, we’re not just therapists; we’re compassionate listeners and skilled guides. With over 23 years of expertise, our dedication to evidence-based therapies ensures that you receive the gold standard in mental health care. Here, you’re more than a client; you’re family. Let’s journey together towards a brighter, healthier future.

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A Safe Haven for Healing

In the heart of every challenge lies an opportunity for growth. At Brighter Horizons, our serene setting and empathetic approach create a safe space for reflection, dialogue, and transformation. Here, every story is heard, every emotion is valid, and every individual is cherished.

Brighter Horizons Tranquil Safe Place

Our Therapy Journey: Step by Step

Embarking on a therapeutic journey can be both hopeful and daunting. At Brighter Horizons, we’ve streamlined the path to emotional wellness, ensuring clarity and support at every turn. Explore our approach to therapy, structured with you in mind.

Initial Consultation

Reach out, and let’s have a conversation. In this non-committal chat, we’ll explore your needs and address any concerns you might have.

Personalized Assessment:

We believe in individualized care. Our team will conduct a detailed assessment to create a therapy plan tailored just for you.

Empirical Approaches:

Our methods are based on proven science. From EMDR to traditional talk therapy, we use the best in the field for your unique needs.

Progress Tracking:

Celebrate every milestone! We’ll consistently review and adjust our approach, ensuring the therapy aligns with your evolving needs.

Long-term Support:

Our commitment doesn’t end with a session. We’re here for you, providing resources, tools, and continued support as you navigate your life’s journey.

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Nestled in Broken Arrow, our serene office offers a haven for healing and personal growth.

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