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About Brighter Horizons

Your Path to Healing from Trauma and Abuse

Learn about Brighter Horizons Therapy in Broken Arrow, where our expert team specializes in trauma and abuse therapy, offering personalized care and advanced EMDR therapy for your healing journey.

Our Commitment: Specialized Care for Trauma and Abuse

At Brighter Horizons Therapy in Broken Arrow, we stand as your dedicated specialists in trauma and abuse resolution. Our team, with over 60 years of combined expertise in mental health care, is committed to guiding you and your loved ones through the complexities of emotional healing.

About-Brighter Horizons Therapy Broken Arrow

Expert Team, Personalized Therapy, and Your Transformative Journey

Led by our seasoned therapists – Jeremy Aragon, Jason Davis, and Melissa Gantz – we bring a unique blend of professional skills and compassionate care. Jeremy Aragon, with his extensive background in cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness, helps clients navigate through life’s challenges. Jason Davis, a clinical psychologist, excels in developmental psychology, offering profound insights into individual and family dynamics. Melissa Gantz, with her deep expertise in dealing with trauma, particularly in sexual abuse, employs EMDR and forensic interviewing to facilitate recovery and empowerment.

Our mission at Brighter Horizons is to harness your innate strength for healing. Utilizing advanced therapeutic methods like EMDR, we tailor our approach to your unique needs, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for your growth. With our deep commitment to trauma-focused therapies, we empower you to rediscover the dignity and potential within, paving the way for a brighter, more resilient future. Begin your journey with us at Brighter Horizons, where healing is not just a goal, but a transformative experience.

“Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives.”

Embracing Your Journey Towards Healing and Empowerment

As you navigate through your journey with us at Brighter Horizons Therapy, remember that every step taken is a move towards healing and growth. We are here to support and guide you through every challenge and triumph. Together, we will uncover the strength within you, fostering a future where you can flourish. Your path to healing starts here, and we are honored to be a part of your transformative journey.

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